The Amazing Adventure Bangkok

The Amazing Adventure Bangkok

Tour Name: The Amazing Adventure Bangkok

«Amazing Adventure Bangkok »
   is a fun and unique way to discover Bangkok and the real local lifestyle through exciting and fun challenges. You can participate as a single group or divided into teams. The activities involved both fun physical and intellectual activities. Plus, participants have to solve the riddles in order to complete the race.» This concept, is already successful in the main capital cities in the world. Now it is nally available in Bangkok. We have 6 different trials to choose from.


Here, all the teams have to find the ice factory. Once they have found the plant, they have to fill a bucket of ice, pick a member of the team and pour the bucket over their heads.

The team have to walk to find the flower market. They have to buy all the flowers on the list to make a flower bracelets.
⚠ BONUS : 10 extras point if you match the Thaï words with the English words and their corresponding pictures.

The team have to walk to Yopiman River Walk and find the pier to take the boat to Wat Kanlayamit. Once they are in Wat Kanlayamit the thaï dancer show them some basic moves that they will have to imitate. The teacher will grade their performance.

The teacher will show them how to properly make a flower bracelet which they will have to replicate.


Team have to walk until the Wat Prayunwongsawat Temple to do the challenge. When they are inside the temple, they have to find the place named Khao Mo to feed the turtle with the bananas they bought beforehand at the market.

Teams have to walk across the Green bridge and go back to the meeting point (Restaurant named Prak Klong River) When they arrive, they have to make their own cocktails with the ingredients they have. After this, they have to pick one cards and sing the song they have picked. All the team have to do the challenge.

10 Participant11-20 Paticipant20+ Participant
3,500 THB3,000 THB2,500 THB
Per participantPer participantPer participant