Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand


      The WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundations Thialand) is an animal rescue center established in 2001. We aim to provide sanctuary for mal-treated wild animals, rescuing ,rehabilitating with the ultimate goal of release back to the wild. On 29 hectares of land with over 400 animals such as elephants, bears, monkeys, wild cats, gibbons and more.

      Our daily tours provide guests with an incredibly unique experience of meeting and learning about the animals’ life stories.
Most of the animals at WFFT have had very difficult lives before being rescued. Some suffered as pets in small cages, while others were abused in the tourism industry either as photo props or for elephant rides. With keeping the animal welfare as top priority, we greatly minimize the impact visitors have on their wellbeing by only facilitating escorted tours.

      We do not allow any touching of the animals, or feeding without permission from the guide. In turn you get to encounter healthy and secure animals, enjoying their food, enrichments and living in an environment as close to nature as possible.

    We have 2 program tours it is The Full Day and Half Day  Experience at WFFT are designed to allow day trip visitors a chance to learn about the rescued creatures living at the Wildlife Rescue Center and Elephant Refuge, see our hundreds of animals, and get up close and personal to our elephants in a way which is cruelty-free and does not exploit them.



Visitors: 259,960