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A bird's eye view
Once you've regained your composure (and your breath), you get a 5 to 7 minute canopy ride enjoying a birds eye view of the world around you. My favourite question at this point is, "So how do you like my office window?" If you'd like, you can assist the instructor flying the parachute and together you will fly back to the ground for a soft landing.

Air-to-air video
The best method of preserving your experience and to enjoy with family and friends in the years to come is with air-to-air video. We employ highly experienced camera flyers who shoot great footage with the latest video and DSLR cameras. You can expect a video of 10-12 minutes in length with footage of you on the ground before the jump, in the plane, during freefall and also your landing - presented in DVD format. If you choose stills you will normally receive 60+ images shot with a DSLR camera with file sizes of 10MB+. If you choose to print these the images are of sufficient resolution for A3 size.

Zero to Hero
3 small steps to becoming a jumper...
Step 1
Decide on your jump date - remember we are open everyday apart from Tuesdays from 08.00am until 17.00 - we jump people on a first come first served basis so best to arrive in the morning if you can.
Step 2
Make a deposit payment either online with a credit card, over the phone with a credit card, or through a travel/tour agent with cash or credit card. We will then agree pickup time and location. We are sometimes available to collect you right away - other times you may have to wait. It is better to book at least a day in advance if possible.
Step 3
Arrive on time for your pick up! We have many customers to collect and everyone wants to get jumping as soon as possible. Please have the decency to be on time so as not to keep others waiting. The fun is about to begin and on the 25 minute drive to the dropzone we'll play you a video so you know what to expect. Get ready for the ride of your life!


No experience needed...

    Anyone over 16 and weighing less then 120kg can jump.

    Note: Certain Instructors are prepared to take those in excess of 95Kg, however a surcharge of 500 Thai baht will apply if you are over 95KG but less than 100KG, and 1000 Baht will be surcharged for people over 100KG

    Highly qualified and experienced European Instructors who take care of all aspects of the skydive

    European pilot - plane imported from US.

    United States Parachute Association Affiliated Dropzone.

    30+ years running Tandem Skydiving in UK/US.

Fully insured Tandem Skydiving is statistically safer than Horse-riding, American football and Cricket!

½ Day Tour Program for

Pick up - 07.00 am from your Hotel in bangkok.  Please note it is best to begin as early as possible to guarantee your jump on that date. We start jumping at 08.00 am.

Please wear Jean/Shorts, T-Shirt and closed toe shoes running shoes/sneakers...

It is ok to eat before you jump. Restaurant and refreshments available.

Tandem Jumps

1. SAFETY BRIEFING - 10-15mins - After filling out forms and payment you'll be introduced to your fully qualified USPA tandem instructor who will show you the equipment and talk you through the in's and out's of the skydive. Don't worry, they will be with you the whole time during your skydive!!!

2. LIFT - you will be assigned onto the next available plane load and await lift to 13,000 feet/4,000 meters. Once in plane this takes around 15 minutes.

3. PREPARE TO EXIT - At 13,000 feet/4,000 meters plane door will open and instructors will "check out" with you if your ready to jump. This is it!

4. JUMP!!! - Instructor and you will exit together on Tandem rig and freefall for approximately 60 seconds/1 minute at around 120 miles/190km an hour. The Ultimate thrill!

5. PARACHUTE DEPLOYMENT - At around 5000 feet/1500 meters the parachute will open and the wind noise will stop suspending you and your instructor in relative calm.

6. CANOPY FLIGHT/LANDING - It now takes around 5-8 minutes to ride to the ground with magnificent views over the area below. Ask your instructor if you can have a go at flying the canopy! They will take over for landing of course...


Single Tandem Jump ONLY 10,950 Baht ( Transfer round trip from Bangkok  2,800 Baht)


Check out our group discount scheme, come with your friends. The bigger your group, the more you save...

Group Size and price per person

  • 2-3 people 10,550 THB per person  + Transfer round trip from Bangkok 2,800 baht/per day ( Toyota camry )
  • 4-5 people 10,100 THB per person  + Transfer round trip from Bangkok 3,500 baht/per day ( Mini Van )
  • 6-7 people 9,500 THB per person  + Transfer round trip from Bangkok 3,500 baht/per day ( Mini Van )
  • 8-9 people 9,100 THB per person  + Transfer round trip from Bangkok 3,500 baht/per day ( Mini Van )
  • 10 or more 8,900 THB per person  + Transfer round trip from Bangkok 3,500 baht/per day ( Mini Van )

          Video =  3,500 baht

          Video+Photo = 4,500 baht

*Please Note: US $ prices will vary with exchange rates. Prices shown are approximate US $ price (for reference only). These prices can not be combined with any other discount or special offer.





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